Connecting Islands of Integrity for a

Social Impact

We help to create, develop and connect responsible businesses that are becoming “Islands of Integrity”. As a result, we contribute to a positive transformation of local communities and the whole society.

key areas of focus

Integra Co-op is a social enterprise investment fund. Most importantly, we support the development of responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship in Europe and Africa.

integra fair value chains

Fair Value Chains

Integra founded the world’s first fair trade value chain for macadamia nuts in Kenya. After that, we extended our activities to include cashew nuts and dried fruit.

integra climate resilience

Climate Resilience

In anticipation of the decline in production of arabica coffee due to climate change, Integra introduced macadamia to Ethiopia as a supplemental cash crop.

integra sustainable agroforestry

Sustainable Agriculture

We have helped to create nurseries for macadamia and cashew seedlings in Kenya and Ethiopia. In addition, we provide trainings on sustainable agricultural practices.

integra women empowerment

Women Empowerment

While introducing an apiculture program for tree seedlings recipients, we have created new job opportunities for women formerly excluded from beekeeping.

integra youth involvement

Youth Involvement

We also distribute tree seedlings to secondary schools. Moreover, we provide educational support to encourage rural students to see a future in farming.

integra ethical consumption

Ethical Consumption

Integra founded Slovakia’s first Fairtrade and organic certified specialty coffee roastery. And, it also distributes ethically sourced nuts and dried fruit in Europe and USA.

what we have already achieved

Years of Experience

Cooperating Farmers

Distributed Seedlings

integracoop our principles

our principles

We put people and planet first! Therefore, we have built social and environmental impact into our business model core. The 10 Principles of Fair Trade, adopted by the World Fair Trade Organization, specify the way that our cooperative is set up and operates.

“…let’s choose to unite powers of markets with the authority of universal ideals.” Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General

Latest projects

We help others to help themselves through sustainable development projects.

cashew value chain kenya integracoop
macadamia trees ethiopia integra
macadamia value chain kenya integra
beekeeping ethiopia integracoop

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has!” Margaret Mead, anthropologist

our team

We are a group of people whose work is dedicated to reducing poverty and improving resilience to climate change. How are we doing it? Above all, through sustainable development projects and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

integracoop ali macsai allan bussard

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