Development Project


This project aims to renew a formerly strong value chain for the export of cashew nuts from Kenya to international markets.

Cooperating Partners in Kenya

Grow Fairly Ltd.
Selected County governments: Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu
Pwani University (Kilifi), Department of Agriculture
Sote Hub
Kenya Forestry Research Institute

Integra Cashew seedlings nursery
Integra cashew seedlings Kenya
Integra Cashew grafts
Integra Cashew grafting


Cashew nuts are a traditional crop in Kenya and have contributed significantly to Kenya’s exports in the past. Kenya exported 22,200 MT of cashew nuts in 1970. However, by 2018, the exports had fallen to 9,700 MT. 

A significant reason for the decline in exports was closure of the only local cashew nut processing factory. This led to a gradual decline of the entire industry in the region. Consequently, smallholder farmers had nowhere to sell their harvest and the cashew trees were no longer cared for.

Cashew Trees

Currently, approximately two million cashew trees grow on the Kenyan coast. However, many of them are very old and neglected.

Cashew Nuts

In recent years, demand for cashew nuts is growing worldwide. Cashew nuts are an attractive export crop.

Nut Processing

African producers export most of their crop (90%) as in-shell cashew nuts to Vietnam and India for processing.          

Pilot Project

In 2018 we initiated a pilot cashew project. The trees planted so far have potential to increase cashew nut production in Kenya by up to 30 %.

Project purpose

Our main goal is to create a world class cashew value chain. Most importantly, we will re-design the cashew value chain into an efficient system that re-distributes value further down the value chain, while still allowing for a profitable business. As a result, we will help to permanently improve the livelihoods of 30,000 rural small holder farmers in the depressed coastal regions of Kenya. In particular, we aim to improve the discretionary income of the participating farmers by 15% through access to a new, high value and low input cash crop.

Integra Cashew Value Chains smallholder farmer
Integra Cashew tree distribution

Outcome 1

Improved access to jobs and income generating activities (through restoration of Kenyan cashew value chain)

Outcome 2

Increased Kenyan exports of processed cashew nuts to global markets, creation of sustainable market access and value chain for existing and new cashew farmers

Outcome 3

Increase in the number of farmers involved in the cashew industry, with particular focus on attracting women and youth

project Goals in Numbers

New Cashew Farmers

added to the existing 15,000 total 30,000 (30% women)

Cashew Seedlings

distributed per year, total 1.2 million

Mature Trees

renewed per year, total 800,000

Total Jobs

(50% women)

Permanent Factory Jobs

Jobs in Purchasing Centers

Jobs in Cashew Nurseries

Youth Engaged in Pruning

Cooperating Schools

with cashew clubs in 3 counties

Students Informed

about cashew as a future

Students Participating

(50% girls)

Seedlings Distributed to Schools

Integra cashew tree nursery Kilifi
Integra Cashew tree seedling distribution to farmers
Integra cashew tree planting

This project – “KEN-21/0001, Renewing the Kenyan Cashew Value Chain” – is supported by a grant from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

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